Boldness, Uniqueness and Individuality

emo girl
It is very hard to encapsulate and restrict the definition of emo hairstyle. Truth be told, it can be many different things to many different people. For example, this particular type of hairstyle can definitely be classified as emo mainly because of the way the bangs have been styled and parted and also because of the way it has been dyed or colored. As you can see, the bangs are straightened and combed over to the right side of the girl’s face, just above her eyes. This is a very common hairstyle theme, especially for girls espousing the emo lifestyle. The bottom part of the hairstyle seems to be made up of long black-colored extensions that provide contrast to the top part of the hair, which is colored medium blond. Creating a distinction between parts of one’s hair aims to represent boldness, uniqueness and individuality, qualities often associated and represented by the emo way of life.

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